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Man Buys Woman’s Virginity for $500,000 and Only Lasts 2 Minutes


Man Buys Woman’s Virginity for $500,000 and Only Lasts 2 Minutes

“I told him it was tight, but I guess he thought I was lying, I offered him a second round for half off but he passed out on me and slept for 12 hours, I couldn’t wait anymore I had to get back home to my boyfriend so we could go shopping” — Ana

Texas Web Developer Jeremy Fogleman bought Brazillian model Ana Lopez virginity for a whopping 500K in an online auction.

After the auction ended he couldn’t wait to collect on his purchase. Fogleman apparently didn’t think things all the way through and was suffering from batter on the brain syndrome. He is filing a lawsuit for a refund claiming he was temporarily insane but after bussing a nut he came back to his senses.

He released a statement saying:

“I honestly thought it was the wrong hole at first , I passed out trying to get in and when I pulled out the condom came off. I was out of my mind when I decided to do this and any judge who’s a man will rule in my favor he would definitely understand”

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