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Former Biggie Mistress Charli Baltimore Being Investigated By The Feds In Detroit Drug Ring!


Former Biggie Mistress Charli Baltimore Being Investigated By The Feds In Detroit Drug Ring!

It seems like Charli Baltimore is getting caught up in some serious drama, apparently she was involved with a married man by the name of Brian M. Brown who is the CEO of BMB records… He was allegedly using his record label as a cover up to push major weight (Heroin) raking in millions…. What does Charli Baltimore have to do with it ? It appears everything!

According to Sources who spilled the tea:

I heard from a good source that some indictments are about to come down and Charli’s name is on the list. Just a little background. Ok Charlie moved out to Detroit back in 2013 and connected with Trik Trik and his bro Peanut to form an independent record label BMB Records. Well shit got hot behinds the scenes and Charli jumped ship and moved back to NJ a year and a half ago.

Rumor has it she was heavily involved in the record label which was also a front for a drug cartel. Peanut is no stranger to the business as he was fresh off a 10 year bid when Trik Trik brought him into the fold with Charli. They used Charli’s connections to get funding for the label and then in turned began flipping the money in the streets.

I’m not saying Charli knew exactly how the money was being moved around in the streets, but I will say her name is on the record label and she is being pursued as an accomplice because she will not talk to the feds. Sounds like she didn’t learn nothing from messing with Murder Inc.

I always got the vibe that Charli never wanted to be a huge artist because she could have still made some noise after Murder Inc. I hear her daughter is a very successful international model and she was focused on making her daughter’s career pop. Both Charli’s children are grown. I really hope she doesn’t go down in this mess. It is all over Detroit.

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