Cops Find 19 White Female Bodies In Freezers With “Black Lives Matter”...

Cops Find 19 White Female Bodies In Freezers With “Black Lives Matter” Carved Into Skin

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Rasheed Thompson, 39 of Chicago, was arrested in connection with a series of dead bodies found in a freezer located in his basement. According to reports, the bodies had the words “Black Lives Matter” carved into the foreheads of the corpses.

The Chicago coroners office made a gruesome discovery today after several 911 calls were placed by neighbors regarding their concern of suspicious activity at the residence of Thompson. At approximately 8 p.m., police were dispatched to South Pulaski Road and West Lexington Street. Upon their arrival, their arrival, authorities were met by a group of residents at the corner where they assisted police in locating the home in question. Police proceeded to the 3000 Block of West Lexington Street where they located the home. Authorities knocked on the door of the residence and was met by an African-American male, who appeared to be in his late 30’s and seemed to be “under the influence of drugs”.

Upon entering the home, authorities indicated that the home “smelled of death”. The power was off in the house however authorities found a gasoline powered generated running in the kitchen.

“A Black male, approximately in his 30’s, opened the door with the smell of alcohol and marijuana on his body. He appeared to be somewhat disoriented and his speech was slurred. We asked him for permission to enter the premises, however he seems reluctant to allow us to enter,” said Lt. Kyle Jennings. “After a few seconds, he mumbled “yes” to us. Once we entered the home, we were met with a very foul odor as if something was dead in the home. The power was off so we used our flash lights to look around. As we approached the rear of the home, a light was on in the kitchen. We asked the occupant for his name. He identified himself and told us he lived with his grandmother. In the kitchen, we found several handsaws covered in blood. Mr. Thompson pushed one of the officers and ran downstairs through a half-opened door in the kitchen.”
Lt. Jennings and two other officers chased Thompson down the stairs which is where the foul odor had gotten stronger. When the officers got to the basement, they found a series of freezers scattered around the basement. With no trace of Thompson, one officer continued to search for him as the other two pried opened three locked deep freezers. Upon their discovery, 11 decapitated bodies were found frozen, while the heads where in ziplock freezer bags. All of the bodies appeared to have been Caucasian women, possibly in their early to mid-20’s. The heads that were found all had the words “Black Lives Matter” carved into the foreheads. The bodies were were preserved, possibly from being stored in the deep freezers.
The police radioed for back up and the other freezers were opened where 8 more bodies in similar condition were found, however one of the women was still alive. Authorities at the scene helped the woman out of the freezer and waited for paramedics to arrive.
“I was kidnapped by this Black guy after I left work earlier today. We talked for while at Starbucks, where I work, before everything happened. At first he seemed pretty nice but he had this weird twitch that happened every couple of minutes. He asked if he could walk me to my car and I said yes, but that is when everything went dark. When I woke up, I was in this basement and I saw that guy I was with earlier taking saws up the stairs. I cried for help and that is when he stuffed me into a freezer where I saw dead bodies. I must have passed out from shock or something but I am happy you guys found me,” said to police by the victim.

Officer Douglas, who was searching for Thompson, found him in a crawl space in the basement. Police ran a background check on him and discovered that he was arrested during a protest for the police involved shooting death of Laquan McDonald. Thompson had no prior criminal record according to authorities.

The names of the victims have not been released. Thompson was taken into custody by police and had later tested positive for PCP which authorities believe may have lead to Thompson’s crimes.

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  • Robert Marlin

    Now this is some fake news lol

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    lol… nice try

  • The Next Step

    Get this FAKE shit OUT OF HERE

    • Jahna

      IKR! They’re really trying hard to incite a race war!

  • Kelsey Miller

    So its automatically fake because it has to do with white people being mistreated? You all get the heck out of here. Im not really sure I believe it myself but I just think we need to look into it more. Thats all.

    • AlphaAsFuck

      It’s fake because the story came out on April 1st and I looked the shit up. This is a national news story that would be in CNN and Fox News for sure. I sorry to dissapoint you that this is fake news

    • La’Quilla Vaughn

      No its fake because it would be ALL OVER THE NEWS>. nit’s clearly Just racist baiting to start a race war. Trust me hun. Ya’ll (white women) are COVERED in America!!!! Fox would be ALL over this. LMAO #JustChill

      • Jennifer Charlene

        I hear that sista sure you’re right some people aren’t street smart and don’t even have or use common sense to figure that shit out.

        • Benla76

          Noticed you using “sista” with her to somehow connect with her went absolutely nowhere. To her you’re just part of the “Ya’ll (white women)”. Just understand there’s a double standard and move on.

    • Tim Nyan-Nyan Kepple

      No, it’s fake because no *actual* news site has any record of someone named “Rasheed Thompson”, and the results that do come up are just copied and pasted from this website with the exact same picture. The picture is watermarked “Empire Herald”, a known satire news site. None of it’s real, not even the picture.
      Chill out.

    • Sean King Canaan

      Is u dum

    • Ryan.Dunn

      Can I walk u to your car?we can discuss matters then.

    • Political Junkie

      No it’s fake because it’s fake. If you Google his name they have fake stories in LA Chicago and other places…snopes reports it is fake…and no major news organization covered this story. This is some KKK Clansman type who wants White people to revolt. I’m White and I see this. Duh.

    • Kelsey Miller

      All of you totally missed the very last thing i said. The whole Im not sure i believe it. All i was saying was that we need to look it up before we jump to conclusions. I did. And yes its fake. I wasnt even denying thay in the first place. Idiots.

  • Vonda Whittaker Smith is the most notorious fauxtire & satire
    entertainment website in the world. If it’s trending on social media
    you’ll find it here!

  • Doc

    Fake??? I counted over 15 different news sites with this story. Snopes is nothing more that a filter for the liberal party. Not to be trusted. I’m sure it had nothing to do with his being a muslim. Rasheed would never do something this horrendous would he. Black Lives Matter are really a wonderful group of civic minded people who only want to help clean up the streets.
    Have to stop now. The bile is rising and I don’t want to mess up my keyboard.

    • Political Junkie

      Only blogger fake sites are reporting this fake ass story and each site has a little something different.

      • Doc

        Wow, seven whole comments under your belt and you know everything. Me thinks I smell a mole.

        • DeeRamsey

          IT IS FAKE!!! This thing is as fake as Dolly Pardon’s tits!!!

    • lmao BLM is an imperialist group set on the genocide of all that don’t look or feel as they do

      • RS Louis

        It’s funny how when people criticize and denounce BLM they say nothing of the KKK.

        • punkydoodle

          The KKK hasn’t been relevent for years.

          • Janice F Cade

            It doesn’t matter if they’ve been relevant for years.look back on the all the lives they killed.. Of I forgot you some kin to them my bad.

          • Benla76

            Cheap childish reply with no substance. The present day irrelevancy is relevant, and we are all alive now. Noticed you’re not denouncing the act either. Again, cheap.

            Had this been a real story you would just be part of the problem with your double standard. Congratulations.

          • Markita Boyce

            And they still exsist 2day,,they jus kno niggas anit going

          • Michael Wright


          • Robert L A Daugherty

            Black lives matter is a nonviolent group put together to fight against racist police who kill black people who are unarmed that is not hard to understand but people work hard in this country for less so stop your bullshit

          • Michael Wright


          • Owen Lynch

            Well in that case, Africa just force white people into slaver in Africa to help rebuild there continent.

          • Michael Wright

            Good , Maybe they’ll be smart enough to leave Africa !!!

          • John Humphrey

            You took america away from the indians so shut the f__k up

          • Robert L A Daugherty

            You leave America! you don’t own America this is a fake story and black lives matter is a non-violent protest group put together to protest the murder of black I’m on the people at the hands of police denying them they were right American right to ur process under the law

          • diana harrell

            ….and just like the old time KKK the democrats approve of BLM just as much as they did the KKK…… both were/are horrible people full of Hate.

          • Owen Lynch

            If your statement is anywhere in the vicinity of truth. The BLM is retalitory

          • Robert L A Daugherty

            Black lives matter is non violent and protesting against the murder by police of unarmed black people robbing them of their right to due process under the law

          • Robert L A Daugherty

            You are speaking of Dixiecrat’s which is The basis of the current Republican Party!David Duke ran as a Republican David Duke supports Donald Trump the kkk officially supports Donald Trump their leader is Steve Bannon and is in the White House with trump stop your stinking lying

          • Robert Llywelyn

            The kkk and blm represent the same political party. Liberal.

          • Robert L A Daugherty

            That’s a damn lie the KKK was started after reconstruction when the slave owners wanted to terrorize the newly freed slaves they were not liberal the Liberals were from the north not the south they were dirty racist dogs and they still are and they still murder people black lives matter was formed because police are killing UNARMED black people and walking away like it’s nothing. They are non violent protesting against violence

          • Jahna

            They just go by a different name and don’t wear the “glory suit” anymore.

          • Robert L A Daugherty

            They go by alt right and first of all this is a fake story if this were true it will be on every news station or month 24 hours a day don’t be a fool and then nothing like the KKK the KKK a devils and murderous black lives matter are protesters

          • Robert L A Daugherty

            The KKK is in the White House with Steve Bannon he is the leader of the alt right which is the new kkk

        • Michael Wright


        • diana harrell

          The KKK belongs to the demoncrat party..if they could they would erase that part of their history.

          • Chris Frechen

            the parties flipped since then of course i have no doubt that you have no clue of real history!! those are nothing more than republicans in masks. then and now!!! but, from the sounds of the bullshit on here none of you do…. everyone against everyone as they want it. FYI.. blacks sold blacks into slavery.. dont fucking matter who was buying.. it was your own people that sold you just like its your own people killing each other in the streets… and you racist ass white fucks need to get a clue you want irrelevance look in the mirror .. you been spouting your bullshit and you aint nothing but slaves to the man yourselves.. .this country is going to hell if we dont stop fighting each other and start fighting against the government and big business

      • Owen Lynch

        You mean the KKK right?

      • John Humphrey

        Just like the KKK

      • Robert L A Daugherty

        Black lives matter is a response to all the other black on arm people who have been murdered by police this is not a joke it is to you because it is not your people being slaughtered by those who are supposed to protect and serve what do you want violence? Black lives matter march and draw attention to what’s going on out here they are a nonviolent group of people Who put their lives on the line to draw attention to the terrible things going on

    • Benla76

      It doesn’t fit with his idealist agenda, so it’s “FAKE shit”.

    • Robert L A Daugherty

      You’re a damn liar this is a fake story! It will be all over the news every day all day if it were true and it wouldn’t be this much detail this fast dummy

      • Doc

        Typical liberal response. If you don’t get your way you resort to name calling. Homework, my young mental midget. That is the key. Try it sometime.

      • Doc

        Typical liberal, no facts just insults and innuendo.

  • Tony Taylor

    Scroll to the bottom of this page idiots… is the most notorious fauxtire & satire entertainment website in the world. If it’s trending on social media you’ll find it here!

  • DeeRamsey

    FAKE FAKE FAKE! GOOD JOB FB!! I keep seeing these post by FB instructing us on how to spot FAKE NEWS!! What a freaking JOKE!!!! LMAO!!

  • Jay Hurley

    All fake news does is fuel debates from dumb people.

  • Amy Mae Szymanski
  • yingyang coffee

    Wypipo is on a Hype to criminalize black people and to portrait thmselves as victims these days.

  • Jeff Brown

    You know it’s fake because the black fella didn’t get shot by the police…

  • CHI King

    Fuck outta here with this fake news shit i’m from Chicago & this shit would be all over the local news stations if this shit was true

  • RS Louis

    Do you people really think that some guy could kill and decapitate all these woman in some shit that sounds like it came right out a SAW movie???…and not be on every major new station??

  • whiskersmartin

    Does anyone bother to read before they comment? If you scroll down, you’ll see that the site tells you that their stories are “satirical & fauxtire”! Meaning that it is a joke/ entertainment website! Pay attention people!

  • Charlie Wayne Scott
  • Tamara Alban

    Fake actually it was only two white female bodies.

  • Jason Lawhorne
  • Dennis

    Of course it’s fake. The house had no power but a gas powered generator was running in the kitchen? Anyone in the house would have been dead from this.

    • JP

      I agree it fake but as a generator installations engineer I can tell you that your assumption is very wrong, its possible to run a gas powered generator in a house and not die from it.

      • Dennis

        Yes, if you run the exhaust out the window. In this case the person lives in a ghetto and has no money for electric. Somehow I don’t think they would have the money or knowledge to modify a portable generator to send the exhaust outdoors. But I do agree that one could be installed indoors if done correctly.

        • JP

          small gennies actually have very low CO2 emissions so just opening the windows will suffice, it wont kill you but dam the noise would drive me insane.

  • B Davis

    Well there are thousands of black on white crimes that aren’t fake that will never be reported every year.

  • Horatio Ward

    Obviously some of you have absolutely no idea what the words ‘fauxtire’ and ‘satire’ mean…….Go look them up…….This is the disclaimer found at the bottom of this page, ‘ is the most notorious fauxtire & satire entertainment website in the world. If it’s trending on social media you’ll find it here!’

    Obviously the story is fake……a simple reading will also highlight the number of grammatical errors in the article. No reliable website would publish a story with grammatical errors….

  • pip fujas

    Why are people mad that it’s fake??? Shouldn’t we be relieved that there are not all these dead people? Or are you all so blinded by everyone’s race that all you care about is proving the other side wrong? smh people are losing their humanity over the stupidest things these days.

  • Mariah

    cnn will say it’s not a hate crime, just watch

  • Tawnia Grewell Nowakowski

    If the bodies were frozen, why would there be a foul smell? Does your meat in your freezer at home smell like decaying meat…NO.

  • Duane Joseph Wade

    What a pile of shit, there isnt no truth to this fucked up story

  • Lonb

    If people can’t see this as a setup, they can’t be literate minded humans. It ain’t even in black folks to go kill up on some Nat Turner shit against 19 white females! lmao!!! AND….leave their name. llol!!! This is bullshit at it finest! Looks like Charlie Manson’s work right here. On some helter skelter shit!
    But you know who gon eat this like caviar??? FOX NEWS believers. They gon run with this, because they already hate BLM and this just gives a reason for more hate…racist hate.
    They oughta lock up every skinhead and white supremacist that orchestrated this bullshit article.

  • Sean

    Bodies kept in a freezer but there was no electricity LOL

  • Spock is Here

    badly written, bad author. Clearly fiction, writer is a bit dim. I don’t believe this. Beside you don’t survive in a freezer without a head. lol

  • Baltimore Bishop


  • Priscilla Wynn

    Black lives matter

  • Robert L A Daugherty

    This story is obviously fake bullshit and dangerous! It would be a national news story a that would run 24 hours a day for a month and the perp would be the poster child for white racist killers! The reality is that black girls are disappearing at alarming rates and no media outlet seems to care!