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Daytona Beach, FL | Two Florida parents were horrified to discover their babysitter had turned into a K-2-smoking cannibal when they found the remains of their three-month-old child cooked in the microwave.

After a night out at the movies, the young parents came back home to find a confused babysitter under the influence of alcohol and K-2 who had lost consciousness and was covered in blood in the family’s living room.

Moments later, they made the gruesome discovery when the mother saw something moving behind the microwave door.
“Only a few hits”

Anna Krutchiev, the 16-year-old babysitter, claims she had brought some K-2 and only took a few hits before she became exceedingly hungry and eventually lost consciousness.

“I just took a few tokes because I was bored and wanted to stay awake,” she told Officer Johnson. “All I remember is that I started getting really hungry, ate some chicken wings and passed out” recalls the police officer, visibly traumatized by the latest events.

Covered in barbecue sauce

The 3-month-old child was found in the microwave, covered in barbecue sauce, and was rushed to Mercy Hospital where doctors do not fear for his life.

“It appears she tried to cook him in the microwave oven but apparently she was unable to do so, and was probably disoriented and lost consciousness moments later,” explained Sheriff deputy James Anderson of the Daytona Beach County Police Department. “Teeth marks were found on the baby’s arms and legs but luckily he is unharmed” he acknowledged, visibly distraught by the whole affair.

The state of Florida has led, for more than a 2 years, the nation in K-2 busts. A recent 2015 state-wide study revealed that more than 30% of adults aged 21 and higher have tried K-2 at least once and close to 50% of respondents believed K-2 should be decriminalized .

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  • Tarryn

    I am glad to hear it’s unharmed or appeared to be when they found it, this article makes it sound like it died in the beginning,but they better get this drug of the streets , it may start a zombie apocalypse or something

    • Natasha Youngblood

      It certainly made it seem as if the child had lost his life in the title and beginning passages.

      • Ready to ride

        yeah! that’s what i thought too.

  • Ready to ride

    they should really change the title of story!

  • Jolie Green

    So, we’re not going to address the “elephant in the room”? Are you looking at tge picture of said babysitter? I wouldn’t let this girl dog sit for me let alone my infant. # LetsGetItTogetherPeople

  • Martha Cowell Calloway

    This is total bullshit!!! First… there is no Daytona Beach County Police Dept.!!! And no Sheriff’s Deputies with the Daytona Beach Police Dept. Who writes this shit?

    • Ian Casey Cochran

      Daytona Beach Police Department

      129 Valor Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114
      (386) 671-5100

      • Elke Royal

        She said Daytona Beach COUNTY

  • Erin Churchill

    Is this fake news? First of all, a 3 month old is not a “toddler”, it’s an infant, or a baby. The title of the story says she ate the baby, it says the parents discovered it’s remains cooked in the microwave, then it says it was just covered in bar-b-que sauce and had bite marks.

    • Bambilicius Marquez

      Erin Churchill.Love how you pointed everything out in this Article.Couldn’t of Said it Better Myself.

    • Gwendolyn Jones

      All messed up huh??

  • Carrie M Conner

    Fake news fake news!!!# the video of the drowning baby was a yoga technique for babies i keep seeing online!!

  • Blair Tavish

    I call bullshit on this. 3 month old wouldn’t fit in out microwave.