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Abusive Man Kills His Girlfriend, Her 5-Year-Old Son, Her Sister and Her Mama Too!


Abusive Man Kills His Girlfriend, Her 5-Year-Old Son, Her Sister and Her Mama Too!

Ladies, an abusive man not only poses a danger to you, but a danger to your family, too.

Toomsuba, Mississippi – On Wednesday, Kavon McVay, 44, was arrested for murdering his girlfriend, her 5-year-old son, her mother and her sister inside the home in rural Mississippi they all shared.

Lauredralde County Coroner Clayton Cobler said neighbors contacted the authorities asking to perform a welfare check at a home on Butts Road because they saw no sign of the family.

According to police, McVay had a rocky romantic relationship with victim Tomecca Pickett, 42.

“It’s fair to characterize this as a domestic violence incident,” Calhoun said. “They’d had argument earlier in the day.”

Around 7:45 a.m Monday morning, after seeing a shattered screen door, a sheriff’s deputy broke through the door of the family’s residence to discover the bodies. He also found the sister’s 3-year-old daughter uninjured inside.

Pickett was shot to death along with her son Owen; her mother, 65-year-old Edna Durr; and sister, 27-year-old Kierra Durr.

A family member of the victims, Demetrius Durr, told WAPT his surviving toddler niece, Bailey Ruffin, is a special needs child with medical problems.

“Whoever did this, they don’t deserve to live,” Durr said on the eve of McVay’s arrest. “Justice is going to have to be served.”

Kavon McVay was charged with murder, capital murder and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

Thank God his bail is $3,050,000!

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